Unraveling the Orbit of Isaac Newton: A Glimpse into the Life of a Revolutionary Genius

18 min readAug 21

Sir Isaac Newton was far more than just a ‘great scientist’ — he was a trailblazer, a maverick, a true revolutionary in the world of science and knowledge. If we try to measure his intelligence, we will find ourselves lost in the vast ocean of his mind. Despite standing on the shoulders of his predecessors, the leaps and bounds he made in understanding our universe are simply staggering.

When it comes to observational ability, Newton was in a league of his own. His insight and intuition were so profound that they often left us in disbelief, even centuries later. And yet, he was made of the same stuff as you and I. So, what set him apart? It’s a mystery that leaves us baffled and intrigued. It’s peculiar, absolutely, but also incredibly inspiring.

You know how in a television series, they occasionally introduce a character so radical, so incredible, that they completely change the dynamic of the show? That’s what happened with humanity when Newton entered the scene. Amidst the cast of billions, Newton was a character unlike any other. If Earth was a cosmic stage and humans were a spectacle for celestial beings, Newton would be the riveting protagonist that keeps them hooked.

Newton was more than a man; he was a superhero in his own right, not with a cape nor supernatural powers, but with a brilliant mind that could see beyond the ordinary. His laws of motion didn’t just move apples; they moved mountains, planets, and galaxies and completely transformed how we perceive our universe. Newton didn’t just discover gravity; he force-pulled humanity into the Age of Enlightenment. A superhero? Absolutely. A game-changer? Definitely. A legend? Without a doubt.

On a fateful Christmas day, Newton arrived in this world just four months after the tragic demise of his father. His birth seemed to cast a ray of hope across the town, faint whispers murmuring about the babe being a miracle child (he was premature and so tiny that no one expected him to live), a beacon of light in the darkness.


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