The Stunning Beauty of Islamic Geometry

17 min readAug 6
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For creative individuals, life is all about seeking new, challenging experiences that pique their interest. When they find their passion in art, it’s not just about creating something pretty to look at; it’s about connecting with something deeper within us all. Art has the power to awaken our consciousness and make us feel and think in ways we might not have otherwise. But there’s more to art than just creativity and imagination.

Geometry plays a crucial role in helping us understand the logic and reasoning behind many types of art forms. Without the principles of math and geometry, we’d be lost when it comes to interpreting and communicating the ideas behind works of art.

Itis truly remarkable how humans can see the world through different lenses. Each person’s unique training and experience adds depth to their perspective, allowing for infinite ways to interpret the world around us. Just look at the artist, the poet, and the novelist — all three individuals see the world in vastly different ways. Take Picasso, for example. He had a knack for abstracting the world around him, looking at it in a foreign yet fascinating way. It’s almost like he was a mathematician, constantly analyzing and breaking down the world into its most basic components. This ability to see the world in a different light is what sets us apart as human beings and is something we should celebrate rather than shun.

Pablo Picasso’s The Bull (Le Taureau), state VII 1945

Geometry: A Key to the Door of the Universe

I love playing with numbers. It’s not just a passing interest, either. Numbers are my passion. In fact, I love them more than some of the familiar people in my life! For instance, I love the number 7 more than my aunt. However, I mostly prefer the practical side of geometry because it takes me away from the numbers for a while and makes me more creative. With just a few tools — some paper, a pencil, and maybe a straightedge — I can get lost in the world of shapes and lines. By just drawing circles, straight lines, and various constructions, a person can delve into geometry.


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