The Best Math & Science Stuff You Should Know This Week — 5

5 min readAug 14, 2022
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The internet is full of beautiful things, but it is also hard to find high-quality stuff. Many of us spend almost an hour trying to find a beautiful movie to watch or a nice book to read. But you don’t need to worry about that issue anymore! Since I love bookmarking and sharing my bookmarks, this newsletter will help you have a wonderful week!

Here is the good stuff for this week!

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Movie of the Week: Turtles Can Fly

Turtles Can Fly is the story of children during the Iraq war, who are the only innocent side of the war. This beautiful movie takes us to the children living in Iraq for 90 minutes, showing the facts we cannot see or feel in the news and articles. I believe if we can force the right people in the right positions of power to watch this movie, we can save the world. You should watch Turtles Can Fly to be educated in the teachings of hope.

Turtles Can Fly by Bahman Ghobadi | Watch on Amazon.

Video of the Week: The Bicycle Pulling Puzzle

Here is a nice puzzle for you; the bicycle pulling puzzle. Will you be able to ride forward or backward with your bicycle if you pull straight back on the lower pedal? Because the solution to this age-old riddle contains an unexpected twist, you should carefully consider it before watching the video explaining it. There are a number of publications that examine the problem none of them offer the full tale as it is presented in this video.

The Bicycle Pulling Puzzle by Simon Foundation

Book of the Week: The Visual Display of Quantitative Information by Edward R. Tufte

This beautiful book is an absolute classic for creating and using graphs, tables, and statistics. It teaches the best ways to present quantitative information. You will…

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