The Best Math & Science Stuff You Should Know This Week — 3

6 min readJul 31, 2022
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The internet is full of beautiful things, but it is also hard to find high-quality stuff. Many of us spend almost an hour trying to find a beautiful movie to watch or a nice book to read. But you don’t need to worry about that issue anymore! Since I love bookmarking and sharing my bookmarks, this newsletter will help you have a wonderful week!

Here is the good stuff for this week!

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Movie of the Week: Gravity

Alfonso Cuarón’s Gravity might be the best creative and visually striking space film ever. The cinematography of Earth and space is stunningly breathtaking, and the visual effects are utterly brilliant because they made me think if the movie was taken in space. Moreover, Gravity is not just a space survival film! It beautifully depicts what it means to be human and alone and why interactions with other humans are crucial for us!

I can’t recommend this film enough.
Gravity by Alfonso Cuarón | Watch on Amazon

Video of the Week: Whale Forming Spiral While Bubble Feeding

This is the mesmerizing moment a group of humpback whales uses the bubble feeding technique to make a spiral to hunt for krill. The whales use a technique called bubble-net feeding, where the krill become trapped near the surface of the water in a net of air bubbles. It is one of the few surface-feeding behaviors that humpback whales are known to engage in.

During a research project in Antarctica, conservation and adventure filmmaker Richard Sidey of Wanaka, New Zealand, captured amazing aerial footage.

If you are interested in whales, I have some good news. The scientist made a website, Pattern Radio: Whale Songs, that lets you explore thousands of hours of humpback whale songs and make your discoveries using AI.


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