Overhauling the System: Why Math Teaching Needs a New Direction?

28 min readNov 10

There is an undeniable allure to the absolute certainty of mathematics, a field where there is always a definitive right and wrong. Unlike the subjective nature of art, where one person’s masterpiece might be another’s mediocrity, mathematical truths are universal and unchanging. Equations and theorems are not open to interpretation or speculation — they either hold true or they do not. This crystalline clarity, this unwavering steadfastness of conviction, has been a driving factor in my pursuit of mathematics.

It has been a journey of enlightenment spurred by a simple question posed by a curious child: “What is for what?” This inquiry into the fundamental purpose of things, the intrinsic linkage of cause and effect, is at the heart of mathematical reasoning. This singular, unflinching truth in mathematics captivated me, a beacon of unerring certainty in a sea of ambiguity and conjecture. A breath of fresh air, a revelation that was utterly transformative. It was, for me, sublime.

The unequivocal nature of mathematics allows us to probe deeper into life, the cosmos, and the rules that govern them. It is not simply about discerning what is correct, but understanding the rationale behind its correctness. The quest to comprehend the logic of our existence, of the universe itself, holds profound philosophical implications. There is nothing more enlightening or captivating than this exploration.

Mathematics, in its unwavering certainty, facilitates this journey, serving as a guiding compass in our pursuit of truth and understanding. It strips away the veil of ambiguity, revealing the intricate workings of the universe in a language that is universal and unchanging. This realization is a testament to the profound depth and philosophical richness of mathematics as a field of study.

We Need to be In Love with Mathematics

Similarly, to truly excel in mathematics, one must not simply understand or appreciate it — they must revel in it. Just as Haile Gebrselassie, who was the best marathon runner, runs with an unbridled joy, a mathematician must engage with equations and theorems with a sense of enthusiasm and excitement.


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