Mathematics. Why we can not divide any number by 0?

After I started writing about math, I saw the paragraph that I shared below. It was discouraging but also it was utterly true.


Okay, why we can not divide any number by 0?

Technically, dividing by zero is a division operation where the divisor or denominator is zero. We can express this division formally as as a/0 {a over zero} where a is the dividend (numerator). For mathematics, the expression a/0 has no meaning.


The Distributive Property is an algebra property which is used to multiply a single term and two or more terms inside a set of parentheses.

We got the same answer, 55, with both approaches!

Now we can proof that why anything times 0 equal to 0.

Apply this property to zero and something strange happens.

Thus, no matter what you do, even if you use one billion or 32 to multiply by 0, you will get 0!

Now, it is time to prove that dividing by 0 is undefined.

We saw in the previous example that 7 x 0 = 0. Thus to undo the multiplication, we can claim that (7 X 0)/0 will get us back to 7. WHY?

10/2 = 5   This means that 5 x 2 = 1027/9 = 3   This means that 3 x 9 = 277/1 = 7    This means that 7 x 1 = 75/0 = ?    This would mean that the answer x 0 = 5, but 
anything times 0 is always zero. CONTRADICTION!

Now prove that 1=2 or 2+2=5.

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