Mathematics in Your Ear: Top 13 Math Podcasts for Lifelong Learners

7 min readOct 27, 2023
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“Podcast” is a term that can be used to define post-modern radio broadcasting roughly. It is a beautiful tool that can be used to liven up commutes to work and help one expand their knowledge by listening to informative broadcasts.

Most people might have that one unused podcast app that just sits away tucked in a corner on their phone’s home screen. And for many, podcasts are a sweet discovery always made too late. Unfortunately, the tweet below does too well of a job of defining what a podcast is in the true sense of the word.

Unlike radio broadcasts, audiences have total control over what they listen to. It’s possible to find content on anything and everything you’d like. What’s best is that you can listen to a podcast all the while you’re trying to discern the species of flower whose scent you savor while taking a walk in the park or while measuring the amount of water to add to the pot when making soup and rewind if you miss anything.

About 5–6 years ago, listening to podcasts was reserved for those of a higher educational and socioeconomic background. You can see the results of the Edison Research here. However, I believe anyone who desires to improve themselves should listen to podcasts, whether while taking a walk, washing dishes, driving, or biking. And since I’m quite the math head, I want to share below a few math-related podcasts that I think will be very beneficial. I hope that you will enjoy it.

There is also another beautiful math list for math podcasts that you can check here.

The Joy of X

Steven Strogatz, in my opinion, is an extraordinary mathematician. I have a keen interest in his books and the speeches he’s made at appearances at different universities. His effort to make math appreciated by others carries a great significance…




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