33 Beautiful Movies that Have Changed My Outlook On Life

16 min readSep 1
33 Beautiful Movies that Have Changed My Outlook On Life

I love to watch movies. Removing myself from the real world and getting dropped into a world of fiction where I can go places I normally couldn’t and do things that are normally impossible is one of my favorite pastimes.

I especially have a soft spot for movies from Argentina, Korea, Denmark, and Germany, as the films produced in said countries are too good to pass as “a wonderful movie.” Their movies sting so deeply in hearts with their story, cinematography, and sound design that it leaves one baffled and short for words.

Below I have listed 33 beautiful movies that I believe many have not seen before. This list also stands as my answer to the question, “why do you love cinema?” I’d like to warn you that I will not accept criticism of these movies as they are perfect. Also, I doubt anyone has done you as solid as I am about to.

If you trust me and watch the movies on this list, I guarantee you will answer the age-old question of streaming services, “what should I watch” for quite some time.


Mandarines by Zaza Urushadeze | Watch on Amazon | Image Source: IMDB

Mandariinid is a war movie that slaps one in the face for lack of better words. What sets this movie apart in the immensely saturated genre is how well it can showcase a war between two nations without using vibrant gore and bloody violence.

Director Zaza Urushadze chose to depict the disgrace that war is through the fight between Georgia and Estonia. Furthermore, he has opted to portray it through an old man who refuses to leave his land and tangerine trees and a fight between two wounded but opposing soldiers in his home. After watching the movie, one realizes that where there is war, there is no righteousness and that the common benefit of humanity must rule above patriotism and nationalism.

The music and cinematography of the movie, the tangerine trees, and the hopeful people of this movie warm the viewer’s heart to its core. However, these beautiful pieces are destroyed by raining bullets and bombs.


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