22 Amazing Math Tools That Everyone Should Know But Only Very Few Know

9 min readFeb 12, 2022
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My whole life, I’ve believed in high quality. That is why I could not bring to life many of the projects I had conceived of. Because for many around me, something merely being done was sufficient in itself. No one cared about aesthetics, and this issue was exacerbated in the field of mathematics.

Despite math and geometry being at the root of all the beauty in the world, we have a problem where much of the mathematical content on the web has always been low quality and does not provide much educational value. This is simply unacceptable on the part of humanity. But there are some instances where I find hope. Though few mathematicians like myself seek quality content and visuals, it is heartening to see an effort being made in this regard.

Below, I have listed 22 mathematical tools that aren’t well-known, but every mathematician should know. If used correctly and effectively, each one will elevate your quality of life a notch or two. And if I am able to provide some benefit by that, well isn’t that something to be happy about now.


Brilliant.org is a tool developed by two Silicon Valley engineers who’ve gone bonkers over fundamental fields such as math and physics. They’ve come up with a very different style and are much more effective than all other tools used to teach mathematics. Instead of explanatory videos, they have a method where self-motivated individuals can learn by reading up on the topics and solving related problems. If we could just teach math as Brilliant does, I am absolutely confident that many issues would be resolved. But this tool is effective for those with a good grasp of mathematics, as some of the content on the site can pose a challenge.

And I have very wonderful news for you! If you are a teacher and give a good reason to convince the Brilliant team, they will make it free for you!
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