16 Beautiful Math Movies That Everyone Should Watch at Least Once in Their Life

16 min readJul 5

The existential philosopher Merleau Ponty says, “Film is not thought, it is perceived.”

Many people see watching movies as a way to spend time. For example, someone who is down might want to watch a movie to cheer up, or a group of friends coming together might want to terrorize themselves with a horror film for the sake of thrills. For some, however, watching films is beyond the mere mundane experience many perceive it to be. Some always watch in solitude because they want to freely express their emotions in the absence of others who feel they may judge them — crying during a particularly heavy drama or chasing after the culprit alongside the detective in the mystery movie.

Watching a movie should never be seen as a waste of time. In fact, it is an activity that should be conducted once a week, if not once every ten days. That is because the film has the ability to see different thoughts, environments, and cultures in the space of a few hours, which leads to the mind being introduced to new things and maintaining its vitality.

Despite mathematics presenting directors with an overwhelming plethora of topics to depict, there are not many mathematically themed movies. However, some productions cover the subject of many areas of mathematics or the life of remarkable mathematicians that bestow upon viewers many insights regarding the field.

That is why I have listed out brief synopses of several works that I believe will come to be appreciated only by serious audiences who can appreciate good scriptwriting and directing. It goes without saying that those who see movies as mundane content with titles along the lines of “Spiderman 94”, “Undefeatables 16”, “Incapturables 3”, or “Unkillables 32” will not find the following reviews to be particularly enjoyable. But if you are a connoisseur of mathematics, then read on.

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Stand And Deliver

Watch Stand and Deliver | IMDB Score: 7.3 | Source: Pixels

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